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Speech & Language Pathology

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Services In The Clinic

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Hills District Allied Health is a welcoming and fun-filled environment. Our Therapists ensure that our clients are engaged and cooperative in therapy by using a play-based approach. Services include:
Individual assessment
Individual therapy
Home programming
Consultation to preschools and schools
School visits to selected schools
Liaison with relevant professionals
Intensive daily sessions can be provided during school holidays.
Therapy groups 
Parent information sessions

Speech Therapy On-site at School

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HDAH provides speech pathology services on-site at a number of schools in the local area. This is a private service requiring payment by the clients’ families. Parents may be able to attend assessment and therapy sessions where available, but children generally attend sessions without a guardian present. Co-operating schools include:
St Andrew’s, Marayong
Our Lady of the Rosary, Kellyville
Our Lady of Lourdes, Seven Hills
Bert Oldfield Public School, Seven Hills
Dural Public School
Northmead Public School
Carrabella Child Care Centre

Communication Development Support

Playing with Wooden Alphabets

Articulation errors


Phonological disorders


Childhood apraxia of speech

Tongue thrust

Tongue tie

Feeding and swallowing

Language Development Support

Elementary Art Class

Listening skills
Following directions
Social skills
Oral expression
Sentence formulation
Narrative development
Auditory processing

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When to contact a Speech Pathologist

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s communication skills, you can contact Hills District Allied Health for an initial assessment.

Speech Pathology services may be required if your child…  

Is difficult to understand

Pronounces words and sounds incorrectly

Has difficulty following directions

Has difficulty answering questions

Is having difficulty expressing needs and wants

Makes grammatical errors

Has difficulty telling a simple story 

Is stuttering or stammering (repeating, Getting stuck on or stretching out words or sounds). 

Struggles with reading, spelling or writing.

Has difficulty with joining in conversations, or making friends.

Has a hoarse, croaky, breathy or nasal sounding voice 

Is a fussy eater or has swallowing issues

Has been diagnosed with an intellectual delay, and learning or other disorder such as Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD.

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